• Dedicated to Deliver Oil and Gas Solutions

    Focused on delivering high-quality, effective products and services to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry

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  • Empowering the Oil and Gas Industry through Quality Services and Products

    Our products and services are designed to unleash the potential of your business and help you reach new heights of performance and efficiency.

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  • Driving Efficiency and Reliability in the Oil and Gas Sector

    Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to help businesses operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

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Providing exceptional value to our clients through our top-quality products and services. We strive to ensure that every investment made with us is worthwhile.

We deliver exceptional customer service and support, elevating the standard of customer satisfaction, is at the forefront of our company values.

We are dedicated to maintaining environmental responsibility and sustainability through the use of eco-friendly materials, sustainable energy sources, and sustainable business practices.


At ALBATTAR, our journey in the oil and gas industry began in 2008 with the establishment of Alif Haikal Sdn. Bhd. as a service company in Malaysia. In 2015, another subsidiary of Alif Haikal Group, Ghani Resources, was created to serve the Malaysian civil and construction industry. And finally, in November 2021, ALBATTAR International Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated.

Throughout our journey, Alif Haikal Group has undergone significant growth and progression, moving from agent-principal relationships to forming joint ventures, partnerships, and self-operated operations. Our success is built upon our strong belief in creating equitable business advantages through fostering close relationships with our customers and long-term business partners.

We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive oil and gas solutions and continuously strive to improve our offerings, driven by our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and quality. We aim to empower the oil and gas industry with our services and products, delivering exceptional value to our customers.

We are committed to deliver comprehensive and cohesive solutions to the oil and gas industry. The focus is on providing a complete package of services and products that can be easily integrated into the operations of the customer. This approach is designed to increase efficiency and streamline operations, helping the customer to achieve better results and outcomes.


On Various Vendors Around Malaysia Trust AlBattar for Oil & Gas Project

We deliver the best solution for oil & gas industry with exceptional services for business to operate efficiently.


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Valve Service

High Pressure Water Jet Service

High Pressure Water Jet Service

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Chemical Cleaning


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Separator & Scrubber Internals



Produce Water Treatment

Produce Water Treatment

Compact Valves

Compact Valves

Reciprocating Pumps

Reciprocating Pumps


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We are dedicated to drive efficiency, reliability, and quality in the sector, and are committed to empowering the industry through our services and products.

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Committed to excellence in energy services


We are committed to provide our customers with value product offerings , with our best customer services and preserve our environment


We seek to be a prime provider and respectable supplier of quality and timely delivery in industrial needs to our focus business segments.

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