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Model WCM 7300M Temperature Compensated Water Cut Monitor

Model WCM 7300ME Temperature Compensated Water Cut Monitor with Insertion Probe

Model WCM 7300M is designed to provide the highest possible sensitivity, resolution, and accuracy for water content determination in crude oil, other hydrocarbons, or other low dielectric liquids from a maximum of 25% to levels below 1000 parts per million (ppm). In oil and natural gas (condensate) production, water cut and S&W measurements are significantly improved with the WCM 7300M technology. Enhanced digital signal processing and full product temperature compensation are two of the technological advancements utilized by this device. Probe sizes from 2″ through 12″ are available. 4-20 mA and 0-5 volt outputs are available for remote readout. Water cut, process temperature or probe electrical value can be selected for viewing without removing condulet cover by use of a supplied magnet to operate an internal reed switch. For additional information see SSIN016 and SSIN017.

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Models 4528, 4528EZ, and 4728 Monitors CX-645 Probe Water Cut Monitors

Model 4728 Water Cut Monitor, in conjunction with a Model 4528 Detector and a Model CX-645 Capacitance Probe is a continuous on-line monitor or percent water in a flowing crude oil emulsion stream. This unit displays percent of water in various ranges from 0-5% up to and including 0-20% on a digital LCD indicator. In addition, Model 4728 provides a 4-20 mA analog output proportional to input range, and a field-adjusted, time-delayed, limit relay for valve control or alarming. For additional information, see SSIN015.

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