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Invalco Products

Flow Measurement

INVALCO has been a pioneer in the use of tungsten carbide, a bearing material for the stringent demands of the petroleum industry. We offer a full line of industrial and sanitary turbine meters to suit your measurement needs. Whether measuring anhydrous ammonia or deionized water, natural gas or compressed air, we have you covered

Totalizers, Flow Computers and Transmitters

INVALCO offers a wide variety of readout equipment. Our flow totalizers and rate indicators
are inexpensive and easy to use for a broad range of applications

Analytical Instruments

INVALCO analytical instruments offer accurate, reliable readings to detect concentrations of
water and emulsified water in a crude oil stream.


INVALCO valves are the industry standard when rugged and reliable dump/control, fuel
control, back pressure and pressure relief valves are required. If dumping large volumes of
fluid quickly at low- or high-pressures or to control blending is needed, our valves meet the
application. Most valves are NACE adaptable, making them easily modified for sour service.
Manufactured with hammer union construction guarantees reliability and reduces downtime
for repairs

Micro Valve®

Since introduction in 1956, INVALCO’s Micro Valve has been the best valve to solve liquid,
air, and gas service design problems. Other miniature valves leak when flow is redirected
from one port to another. With Micro Valve, flow is instantly redirected so there is
no leakage.

Level Controls

Designed with the end user in mind, INVALCO’s level controls are trusted to be dependable,
easy to work with, and easy to maintain. The level controls range from simple point-type
to continuous electronic level transmitters for industrial and sanitary applications.

Pressure Switches and Other Controls

The consistency of INVALCO’s mechanical design provides years of reliable and accurate
service. Innovations in our electronics design refinements and manufacturing advances
keep these products on the leading edge of technology.

Controls and Miscellaneous

Experience, service, and performance are what you can expect from INVALCO — the
company that has a proven record for quality and dependability.

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We are dedicated to drive efficiency, reliability, and quality in the sector, and are committed to empowering the industry through our services and products.

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Committed to excellence in energy services


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