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CT Flex Tube® Displacer Type Level Control

General Purpose Enclosure

An industry standard for over 50 years, the CT Series Flex Tube simplicity, reliability, ease of maintenance, and rugged construction have made it popular where downtime for repairs could be critical to processes or minimum maintenance is desirable. This enclosure is suitable for many exposed applications. All exhaust gas is vented inside the enclosure and then to the atmosphere through a screened vent connection. For additional information, see SSIN006.

Waterproof Enclosure

The weatherproof pilot enclosure provides a weathertight pilot enclosure to completely protect the control from the elements and even house cleaning operations. In addition, it allows hazardous exhaust gases to be vented through piping to a safe release area. For additional information, see SSIN006.



Model CMAQ/CMAF Level Controls

These snap-action, float-operated level controls are equipped with a three-way Micro Valve unit and are actuated by two adjustable arms. Adjustable pusher arms allow control range to be adjusted easily and accurately to desired range. For additional information, see SSIN007.

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Model CADM-201/CADMEX-201 Level Controls

These diaphragm-operated liquid level controls are available with either a pneumatic or electrical control switch. Model CADMEX-201 is supplied with an explosion-proof SPDT Micro Switch. This switch is UL and CSA approved. Model CADM-201 is supplied with the popular snap-action, three-way Micro Valve, ideally suited for diaphragm motor valve control. The 2″ process connections are recommended where high paraffin or sediment content is present in the measured material. The most outstanding feature of these controls is the absence of troublesome small orifice and chambers usually found in similar types of floatless level controls. For additional information, see SSIN011.



Model CQ-401 Float Type, Continuous Drain

Model CQ-401 offers dual purpose action to automatically discharge vapor or liquid from a tank. The continuous drain valve is widely used in the bottom of fuel gas scrubbers to provide continuous drainage of the accumulated liquids and thus prevent transfer of the liquid to the burner section. For additional information, see SSIN010.



Model IMS 780 Liquid Interface Measurement System

The superior design of the Interface Measurement System offers reliable, precise control of gas/liquid or liquid/liquid interface levels. Carefully matched electronic assemblies with probe components combine to provide a measurement system for the most demanding applications. A wide variety of standard features and ease of installation give the Interface Measurement System (IMS) 780 the flexibility necessary for optimum performance. The (IMS) has been carefully designed for dedicated interface control and surpasses all other multi-purpose devices. For additional information, see SSIN005.

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Model CMAS-203/CMEASX-203 Level Control

Model CMAS-203 utilizes a stainless steel float and a pneumatic output for control of liquid level. An override feature permits adjustment of set points without disturbing process level. For additional information, see SSIN009.

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Model CMEAQX and CMEAFX Level Controls – Float Operated

Model CMEAQX and CMEAFX Float Controls provide electrical contact switch closure for alarm or control functions. An explosion-proof Micro Switch is actuated by two adjustable yoke-type pusher arms permitting the control range to be easily and accurately adjusted. 

With the liquid level below the float the Micro Switch will be in the low level position and will remain there until the float resets to the preset high level. The Micro Switch will reverse positions until the float drops to the preset low level position of liquid level. An override feature permits adjustment of set points without disturbing process level. For additional information, see SSIN008.

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