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Micro Valve®

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Micro Valve®

Quick, Sure Response with Design Adaptability

With a unique, over-center snap-action you get a quick, sure response. There are no sliding seals, packing, or tight fitting moving parts to leak, wear out, or stick. Therefore, no lubricants are required. All models have been tested through several million cycles without maintenance, thus guaranteeing your system’s performance. Micro Valves will withstand abrasive-bearing fluids. With all ports having some connection, external contaminants cannot enter the units. Dirt and grit will not prevent tight seating and will not cause the valve to stick.

Dependable Performance

The valve offers sure response, with no “neutral” position, and no varying time lag between position. Micro Valves maintain either position without holding force, and cannot be vibrated or jarred out of position. Valve action is full speed regardless of operator speed or force applied. Trip-point position repeats accurately and is essentially independent of the speed of the external device. Light operating forces are required and not affected by operating pressure or flow rate. Shut-off is bubble-tight up to related pressures.

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For additional information, see SSIN064.


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