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Model CM7 Pilot Guard

The CM7 Pilot Guard is designed to provide positive shut off of the gas supply to both the pilot, and main burner in the event of a pilot flame out. It has a unique field adjustable sensitivity control that allows the operator to obtain a quick response of the CM7 to a pilot outage. Gas shutoff down to 20 seconds or less, regardless of the heat characteristics of the pilot flame. Adjustment of the sensitivity circuit is made using a supplied screwdriver. The CM7 requires no external power source. It is unaffected by power outages and can be used in areas where no electrical power is available. It is designed to be used with the RHSB pilot burner. For additional information, see SSIN004.

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Vent Line Flash Arrestor

Line Flash Arrestors for use on tank or similar low pressure, vertical, vent lines to reduce chances for combustion within the line from an external source. All steel construction except 4″ thick aluminum element. Caution: Excessive pressure drop caused by high flow rates or differential pressure across element may be dangerous. Pressure drop across flash arrestors not to exceed 1 psi. Not for use on vent lines where this might occur. For additional information, see SSIN003.



Model 80/80S Gas Scrubber Valves

Model 80S Gas Scrubber Valve is used in fuel gas scrubbers, and air eliminators. Installs through 2″ pipe coupling or can be wholly contained by mounting by 1″ nipple welded through cover. Model 80S is a direct replacement for the IC-125 or Model 80 Scrubber Valve. For additional information, see SSIN001 and SSIN002.


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